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Our customised lanyards makes a great tag-on to your customised USB Product. To see all accessories, click here.

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Please email us at sales@USB-extra.co.uk if you can't see the product that you're looking for or you will like us to source a USB product for your specific marketing strategy.

Custom USB Flash Drives - Custom Design

USB-extra now offers Custom USB Sticks. We can help you develop your own Bespoke Custom USB Flash Drives around our selection of shapes and mold your own 2D or 3D shape into effective Custom Flash Drives. Capacities:

64MB, 128 MB,
256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB

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Custom USB Memory Sticks
Alongside our range of customisable USB products. USB-extra offers

Custom USB Sticks

. USB EXTRA is the custom USB company you've been looking for. We take on straight forward custom USBs and those custom made commission that others deem to difficult. An example is the Range Rover Evoque launch that we were the only company they could rely on. You can view some draft design images and completed custom made USB memory sticks on our Pinterest Custom USB drives page. We can help you develop your own Bespoke Custom USB Flash Drives around our selection of shapes and mold your own 2D or 3D shape into effective Custom Flash Drives. We can mould any 3D Shape or object into your own bespoke USB Flash Drive. Our Custom USB drives are available at Wholesale prices.
If you can imagine any 3D shape, we can mould it! We mould 3D shapes or objects into your own Custom USB Memory Stick! Share your idea for with us today and
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custom usb Drives - Truck Specifications:

High Injection Plastic
Standard USB 1.1
Optional Hi-Speed USB 2.0
For PCs and Macs, No Driver Required.
No External Power Required
Functions as Hard Drive
Dual Bios boot mode of USB-ZIP, USB-HDD
LED Indicates Power, Read/Write
Shock Resistance: 1000G
Min. Data Retention: 10 Years
1 Year Warranty
Optional Key ring
Optional Lanyards

Custom Design - Custom Shapes

USB-extra designs and develops Custom Flash Drives around our selection of basic shapes. Your logo can be imprinted on our extensive shapes of custom memory crust using 1-4 colour and the multi-colour process imprint methods. USB-extra’s basic shape of Custom Memory Sticks offers a degree of personalisation and control in achieving the ideal marketing tool - a custom USB stick tailored to help deliver your premium promotional USB product to your customers or target market. Custom USB shape Design is a high grade promotional item that is compatible with PCs and Macs and requires no external power. The standard shapes are available for custom flash drives at Wholesale prices.

custom usb Sticks custom usb Memory Sticks custom usb memory sticks custom usb memory sticks
custom usb Custom Flash Drives Custom Flash Drives Custom Flash Drives

Custom Design - Custom USB Flash Drives with matching Docking Station/Hubs

Why have custom USB Memory Sticks only; USB-extra presents matching USB Docking Station - a great promotional USB to complement an already exceptional Promotional USB Flash Drive premium. The Custom USB Docking Station is based around our predefined shape. The matching USB products are high-exposure premiums with logo imprint that makes an inherent statement of distinction, quality and a lasting impression. The 2-fold promotional flash drive/docking station marketing tool offers a high degree of personalisation and control; strengthening the relationship between your company and the recipients - prompting the recipients to return the favour.

custom USB Sticks customised usb drives custom printed usb drive custom printed usb drive
customised usb Sticks Custom Memory Sticks Custom Memory Sticks Custom Memory Sticks

Custom Design - Advance Customisation

Design your own truly made-to-measure premium promotional product and effect the way your company is perceived. USB-extra’s Custom Design - Flash Drive Design Service is our highest degree of customisation. This is where USB-extra comes into its own; we have the most skilled product designers, from design to manufacture we make the whole process seamless and pain free. From our customer’s expectations, we develop powerful USB marketing products that will effect the market and influence the perception of your target market. The “Ruler USB” is an example of what we can do; no matter how complicated the concept is - we can bring it to realisation. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you distinct your business from the rest.

Custom USB - USB EXtra Brand USB Flash Drives Design custom-Design USB Memory Stick

USB Flash Drive - Clamshell Packaging USB Packaging - Velvet Pouches Memory Stick Packaging Flash Drive Gift Boxes - Window Tin

Click Here to view our wide variety of packaging options which includes boxes, pouches, clamshell inserts and even Customized Packaging Services for serious corporate marketing and image promotion.

Request a quote by clicking on the following button. Please fill out the form and our friendly sales associates will reply promptly. We look forward to helping your business.

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