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10-Point Value Plan

Best customer services, Quality USB Products, Fastest turnaround times, Lowest Price Promise and more.

"Our 10-Point Value Plan exists to spell out why USB-extra is your very best choice."

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Please email us at sales@USB-extra.co.uk if you can't see the product that you're looking for or you will like us to source a USB product for your specific marketing strategy.

10 point Value Plan

At USB-extra, we believe great business is all about excellent client relationships. We have based our approach on understanding our clients’ need; sharing their problems and presenting them with product solutions that really works and help promote their aims, objectives and business.

We strive to tick every box and fulfill every requirement you will expect from a fruitful business relationship. Here are a few performance criteria we have built our reputation on – an unrivalled competitive advantage.

Prompt and timely delivery of orders - Accurate order fulfillment - Imprint and graphic quality, Timely response to your concerns - Excellent pricing, All charges clearly explained – Visit to customers’ premises , Ease of contacting account managers – Product knowledge

We offer a 10 point value plan:

1. Quality and effective customisable USB products
2. Best-in-industry customer services and support
3. Superior product knowledge, range and support tools
4. Unique and innovative approach, software and services
5. Fastest turnaround times
6. Introductory 10% discount
7. Free branding.
8. Bespoke design and development of USB products
9. Lowest price promise.
10. Fierce protection of your personal information and more FREE, value-added services

1. Quality and effective customisable USB products.
Our USB marketing solutions are second to none; not only do we offer quality premium USB products, we offer effective customisable products that will resonate with your clients. USB-extra products are high exposure devices that will be used every day – advanced and useful products that will effect and deliver your marketing results.

2. Best-in-industry customer services and support.
This is a point of pride for us. You deserve the best, and we won’t settle for providing anything less. We’re available to you either by phone, fax, call-back or email between 9-5pm 6 days a week. Some of our competitors don’t even provide a telephone number for you to call! Our company was founded on, earning the trust of our customers, one at a time. “Especially when you consider this fact - if you experience good service, on average you tell three other people; if the service is bad, you’ll tell 10.”

3. Just-right, affordable product options.
Although USB-extra products are innovative and progressive, our overriding aim is to offer affordable products and value for our customers. The cost of our customisable USB products compare relatively well with mundane promotional items and rate higher in value, worth and appeal. Just right, affordable product options.

4. Unique, valuable and innovative software and services.
At USB extra, you can get everything you need to make the most out of your product objective and increase the perceived value of your brand. We offer unique extras; Preload and Auto-run options; extra preloaded options; Unique physical and serial identification; Bespoke Packaging; Extra Colours; Extra sourcing; and more.

5. Fastest turnaround times.
Super-low prices, intuitive extras, customer support and fast delivery times make the process a snap. It’s fast and easy, we have the resources and expertise to deliver on the most stringent turnaround times. Consider us today and benefit from impressive fast delivery times!

6. Introductory 10% discount.
An introductory discount of 10% is available for new customers. USB-extra constantly monitors and maintains the focus in our strategy, marketing, pricing, business development and fulfilment – constantly delivering economical offerings.

7. Free Branding.
USB-extra now offers free branding for all our USB device commissions over 100 units – a dispensation previously reserved for new customers. Our free branding offer is for a 1 colour/1 side print on any promotional USB device. The “extra service” of free branding offered by USB-extra will save our customers a minimum of £50.

8. Bespoke design and development of USB products.
Every client has a unique set of goals and objectives. We can help our customers design bespoke USB flash drives and peripherals to specification at relatively low cost as long as the product designs are not covered by IPR (intellectual property rights) or patents. At USB-extra, we combine the best expertise and resources in the business to produce an inspiring alchemy of minds and perspectives; our bespoke design and development of USB products can deliver the exceptional results your business requires and your success demands.

9. Lowest price promise.
At USB-extra, we offer a “lowest price promise and consistently lower prices” on everything we offer. We offer a 10% discount to new customers and extremely low prices for our return customers. It is common place for suppliers to make “lowest price promise” and to see the same product at a cheaper price - we are not of that mould. Due to value-conscious customers like you, we’re constantly developing more, better, lower-cost ways to improve your customised solutions, extra services - and marketing experience.

10. Fierce protection of your personal information and more FREE, value-added services.
We do our best to prevent your data from being “mined.” And unlike some of our competitors who will happily sell your information to anyone for a price, we will never under any circumstance make it available to third parties, unless legally required to do so. At USB-extra, we're proud to have you as a customer and want you to get the most out of your customised USB products.
Thank you for visiting us at USB-extra. We appreciate your interest in our product and service offerings. If you think our services will be of benefit to colleagues, business partners or friends, please forward our web-link.